Local Gutter Cleaners

Local Gutter Cleaners can access and clear your gutters safely and efficiently.

We have invested in gutter cleaning technology and the correct equipment, making the clean safer and more efficient.

We are able to carry out minor repairs to your gutters such as replacing missing end caps and resealing leaky joints. Often we can view your gutters by means of street view, but let us know if you have a conservatory or an extension at the back.

Check the areas we cover below, we travel further afield for commercial customers. We work with a number of property management companies in London and Kent, such as PM-UK in Dartford, RBMS in Blackheath. Also read our customers comments on the testimonial page.

Do you have a blocked downpipe? Would you like the downpipes tested for blockages? We have the correct tools for accessing your downpipes and clearing them, we can reach up to 50 ft without the use of dangerous ladders or costly cherry pickers. For large houses and blocks of flats it is easier to access and clear out any blockages. Keep your drainpipes clear. Require a quote? Send your full address to email admin@local-guttercleaner.co.uk or text your details to 07791465052

Block of Flats Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning the gutters on a block of flats can be a challenge, maybe the gutter line is to high for ladder use, cherry picker hire usually starts at £200 and then there is the cost of clearing them. Read more

Commercial Gutter Cleaners

Commercial Gutter Cleaners

Local Commercial Gutter cleaning service for Kent and London have years of experience of commercial gutter cleaning, school gutters, Hotel Gutters, Care Home Gutters, Industrial Unit Gutters.  Read more

Roof Cleaning Moss Removal

Local roof cleaning service and moss removal service, make your roof look new again.  Read more

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel cleaning service. Its amazing how much more efficient your solar panels can be if there kept clean, whether you have 6 on your roof or a solar panel farm. Email reach wash solar panel cleaning services for a really competitive quote. admin@local-guttercleaner.co.uk

Solar Panel cleaning 

Solar panel cleaning

How Do We Clean Gutters?

  1. We use a powerful wet and dry vacuum
  2. Connect a long hose to the Vacuum
  3. We have light weight carbon poles that connect to each other enabling us to reach as far as the fourth floor
  4. Various attachments to access the guttering and downpipes
  5. We can view and record the contents of the gutters with a wireless camera
  6. Nothing is left, all removed, plus we can see if the down pipes are blocked

Require a quote? Send your full address to email admin@local-guttercleaner.co.uk or text your details to 07791465052