Billericay Essex CM11

Billericay Essex, CM11

So, you’re living in Billericay, but you have no idea what to do on your weekends. There is so much to do in Billericay in Essex, you could go shopping in the Billericay Town Centre. With its many shops whether you like second-hand shops, antique shops, maybe you want to buy some flowers for your other half, you can visit one of the many florists based in Billericay. Victor Hall and Sons Antiques is a furniture shop you can visit and get those fine antiques you’ve always been looking for.

 The Little Tin Shed is a quaint little florist located near The Blue Boar Restaurant on 22 High Street. With its choice of a bespoke variety of flowers you can get whatever you desire. It delivers to Billericay and even out of Essex! Or if you want something a little longer lasting then visit the Park Lane Floral Workshop which not only provides a range different styles of flower bouquets as well as table decorations and materials.

Billericay is famous for its location of award-winning show “Gavin and Stacey”. The actual filming of Gavin and Stacey was in Laburnum way, Dinas Powys in Wales, but the first episode was shot in Leicester Square, in London.

Maybe you fancy a night out down the town in Billericay with your mates, be sure to go to The Kings Head, with great reviews, good food, clean facilities, or maybe you’d prefer something a bit smaller- The Dukes Head, a old, vintage, rustic pub in the country side with great views and dining areas. Or perhaps you could go down the road from The Kings Head to the Duke of York, a quaint and cosy little reasonably priced pub, with great outdoor seating for those warm summer afternoons, enjoy a beer with your pooch by your side.

Or, if you prefer a restaurant don’t threat, there is plenty to chose from in Billericay. A highly recommended place to dine is the La Toscana Italian Restaurant and Bar, again, not too expensive but high-quality food, great ratings on their website. Smart and stylish, modern and clean. Maybe, you prefer Mediterranean food, be sure to visit the Lo Monaco diner, a rustic, yet modern restaurant on the High Street of Billericay, you could dine in the evening and enjoy their many delicious dishes and their choice selection of wine and beverages. Or if you’re in the mood for some tasty seafood, go to the Felix Seafood Grill, where they offer fresh and well-prepared fish, crabs, prawns and many other forms of sea life.

Perhaps you are visiting family or friends, or working in Billericay, there are plenty of top-quality Hotels and Inns to stay in. For £100 a night you could get free Wi-Fi and breakfast with beautiful views and an old-fashioned inn style. Or maybe for somewhere a tad cheaper you could visit the De Rougemont Manor, a posh and high-end villa style hotel with pools and gardens.

If you’re in the mood for some reptile fun, make sure you go to Snakes Alive Ltd in Billericay, and bring your kids! A stunning reptile place with over 55 reptile enclosures, it is located within Barleylands Farm Park in Billericay. For an exciting day out where you can handle all different types of reptile from snakes to lizards. There is so much to learn about these beautiful creatures, they are not just dangerous and dumb.

Many people do not know that Billericay can be traced all the way back to the Bronze Age! Billericay is located within the district of Basildon in the Shire County of Essex, in East England. Norsey Wood contains ancient burial mounds, having Norse origins stemming from North Germanic peoples moving into the Scandinavian culture and folklore going onto the modern period. Billericay laid within Great Burstead. It was formerly known as Billerica; in 1291 it was known as “Bylleyrica” a rural countryside with heavily populated. An interesting fact about Billericay is it has many inns. This may be due to the fact that the pilgrims in the 13th and 14th century were crossing the River Thames at the point of Tilbury, spending the night at Billericay. During the Peasants’ Revolt there was the great Battle of Billericay in 1381, probably its most famous and gruesome battle in its history.

Billericay Essex CM11