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Block of Flats Gutter Cleaning Service

Block of flats gutter cleaning service can be a challenge, maybe the gutter line is to high for ladder use, cherry picker hire usually starts at £200 and then there is the cost of clearing them. Maybe the landlord or managing agent is slow to respond. Meanwhile you are concerned about the water flowing over causing damp problems, its all to common a scenario.  

Local Gutter Cleaners carry out gutter cleaning on blocks of flats on a regular basis, we have a number of property management companies keeping us busy, just one company alone look after 100 blocks! Imagine the cost if cherry picker hire or erecting scaffolding was there only options. Local Gutter Cleaning

Block of flats gutter cleaner
Block of flats gutter cleaning

Using the gutter vacuum to clean Block of Flats

Local gutter cleaners have been using the gutter vacuum method for a number of years, since its inception. It is safe, quick and next to no mess to sweep up. All the debris from the gutters ends up in the vacuum. We even employ a wireless camera so we can view the debris as we suck it all up, making sure nothing is missed. It comes in very handy when you need to view inside the top of the down pipe to make sure there are no small plants growing or anything else liable to cause a blockage. Also local commercial gutter cleaning.

This Video shows very clearly how we use the gutter vacuum to clear the gutters on blocks of flats, as it can take a lot less time than using unsafe ladders, cherry pickers and scaffolding then the cost is less, prices start at £150 all inc for a block of flats. Very reasonable wouldn’t you say.

We are insured for £5 million public liability. We can provide RAMS if needed. Plus a free video link to keep on record and maybe for all the residents in the block to view as proof that the gutter clean has been carried out.

If you would like a no obligation quote to clear the gutters on the block where you live or if you are a managing agent send us an email admin@local-guttercleaner.co.uk or text us on 07791 465052.

You can see the debris gets sucked up by the powerful vacuum.

If you have a blocked down pipe we can jet water down the down pipe and make sure the rain water runs away without backing up and spilling over the edge of the gutters. We recommend employing local gutter cleaners at least once a year to keep the guttering flowing as it should, if you are surrounded by trees then maybe 2 or 3 times a year. It really is best not to leave this task as over flowing gutters can cause water ingress creating terrible damp problems that can be really difficult to remedy.Local Gutter Cleaning

We video the clean and then upload it to our Youtube channel, we then email you or the agent the link so every resident can view it, in doing this everyone can see that the gutters have been cleared on the block of flats properly and if there are still issues with water ingress and damp you can confidently eliminate blocked gutters or down pipes as the issue.

Email admin@local-guttercleaner.co.uk local gutter cleaners and send us your full address, we can then quickly look on street view and satellite view to see your block of flats, this means we can submit a quote for clearing the gutters on your block of flats within 24 hours or even less in some cases. Local Gutter & Roof Cleaning Service