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History of Braintree

Braintree, a town in Essex, England, goes back all the way to the Bronze and Iron Age (over 4,000 years ago!) It was based by the River Brain -hence the name- in an area also called Brain Valley. Braintree is located to the north of Essex, not far from London.

There are multiple road names in Braintree with great history behind them. Those include roads such as Aetheric Road, named after a Saxon, who was slaughtered in 991 in the Great Battle of Maldon, who decided to leave most of the Braintree and Bocking land to a Bishop in London. Another notable mention is the road in Braintree called Stane Street (aka Stone Road); a Roman road left there after the Romans abandoned Britain, it stayed, and you can visit it today.

No one really knows the meaning or where the name Braintree came from but there are a few speculations, one being that the name originated from the Celtic names “Braint” “Bran” both used for river and the “tre” part commonly used around Cornwall and Wales meaning settlement or building or perhaps later on for town, so we can conclude that Braintree means “Town by the river”. The name “Braintree” is also closely related to the name “Britain”.

During World War II Braintree was well used, providing jobs for women to help with war manufacturing and it was also in range for leftover bombs from London raids.

Facts about Braintree

Braintree has the population of over 40,000 people.

The oldest timber-framed barn in the whole entire world is located quite near to Braintree. It is called the Cressing Temple Barn and it was built about the time of 1206 by the “Knights Templar” and about 50 years later, the Wheat Barn was built next to it. This ancient barn was used for 1) obviously storing goods and animals 2) hosting complex events and 3) hosting weddings!

Things to do in Braintree

Finchingfield is a beautiful little village in the district of Braintree in Essex (north-west). A countryside rich area with lush fields and forests, a place to visit if you love rural villages in England. Hedingham Castle, Huguenot name of Courtauld. National Trust properties: Paycockes and Grange Barn, Marks Hall Gardens and Arboretum, a stunning and ancient venue to host weddings and over such events. With breath-taking views of the lakeside gardens and landscape and a variety of rustic and tropical trees dating back hundreds of years, sourced from all over the country and whole world. Rich with history and fascinating facts about Braintree and Essex. If you like you can even book a fresh early morning walk around the land guided by the Arboretum Manager where you can get an included breakfast at the visitor centre. If you’re into photography, be sure to check out the Autumn Photography Workshop where there is so much to learn from the amazingly talented professional photographer Bryan Shaw. The beautiful landscape and tended gardens you will find yourself get completely involved in the many angles and techniques of photography. Another notable aspect of Marks Hall in Braintree, Essex is its bat conservation! The district Braintree has four amazing market towns: Witham, Coggeshall, Halstead, and Braintree. Freeport Braintree Shopping Village is to place to go for all your needs. You can find a selection of contemporary shops and state-of-the-art new dineries. For a fun couple of days out you could start your time at the Grape and Grain Trail offering a grand selection of wines from their privately-owned vineyard. Then, for lunch, you could visit The Cool Beans Coffee House Bank Street, afterwards you could make your way to The Braintree District Museum and learn all about Braintree history. Some other mentions where we definitely recommend you visiting to make your trip to Braintree more enjoyable: Prested Hall, Feering, The Bistro, Braintree, The Blue Anchor, Feering, The Market Town of Halstead, The Mill Antiques Centre, The Little Book Shop Café, Colne Valley Railway.

Famous People from Braintree include: The Prodigy came out of Braintree Music Industry, (Keith Flint). They started in 1990 in Braintree. Keith was known for his brightly coloured hair and piercings. Their music was very hardcore and not to everyone’s liking. Tragically, in March of 2019 Flint committed suicide in his home and the band was disbanded. Edward Bawden, a famous artist born in Braintree in 1903. Samuel Collins, a famous physician born in Braintree in 1619.