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Local Commercial Gutter cleaners for Kent and London have years of experience of commercial gutter cleaning, school gutters, Hotel Gutters, Care Home Gutters, Industrial Unit Gutters. Hospital Gutters and many more commercial type buildings.

Some have flat roofs that we can access by ladders, others have pitched roofs to with a gutter line to high for ladders, then we can use the vacuum ladderless method, or maybe a cherry picker.

We are fully insured for £5 million, we can provide RAMS ( Risk assessments and method statements)

Commercial Gutter Cleaning

We have found over the years of quoting for commercial gutter cleaning jobs, we have won at least 80%,the reason being we keep our prices below average, or we have come highly recommended by another customer.

We are quick, clean and efficient, abide to all health & safety rules, never leave a mess and remain courteous, friendly and accommodating. These attributes have served us well over the years when dealing with commercial gutter cleaning customers.

We have wireless camera technology on board so we are able to video record or photograph the cleansed gutters, we then place a link to our Youtube channel so it can be viewed at anytime.

Roof Moss. We strongly recommend asking us to quote for cleaning your roof, the moss that gathers especially on the Northside of your roof. By having your roof cleaned and treated you will drastically cut down on having blocked gutters and downpipes, alleviating a lot of worry over water ingress, damp and structural damage to your house.

High Level Gutter Cleaning

The vacuum method of High Level Gutter Cleaning will always be the first choice, the reason being they are very efficient, quick, safe and clean.  Our wet and dry gutter vacuum is very powerful, with 3 1400 watt inbuilt motors it can lift a well established turf and even pull out a deeply rooted plant growing in a downpipe. So if it can suck the debris clear we will use it as out first choice. The poles we use to reach and access the commercial guttering from the ground have to be able to reach, we have 40 feet of super light weight carbon poles, but sometimes the gutter line can be out o reach for the poles so we will resort to using a cherry picker.  Email Commercial Gutter cleaners

Local Commercial Gutter cleaners sometimes use Cherry Pickers to clear commercial gutters We will resort to use these if there is some maintenance that needs to be carried out, maybe a repair or a leak, or maybe a part needs to be replaced. We will always want to keep the costs low for our clients so the vacuum method is a good choice. Commercial Gutter cleaners have a good relationship with our local cherry picker hire company and can qualify for a discount which we can pass on.

Commercial Gutter cleaners sometimes use ladders to clean commercial guttering will always be the last resort for the obvious reasons they are dangerous if not used properly, they will need two operatives, one to foot the ladder and one to climb and clean. If the gutter line is accessible with ladders and some maintenance is needed which obviously you cannot do with the gutter cleaning vacuum then we will have to use one. Local Commercial Gutter cleaners use good quality ladders with a stabilizer at the top and and at the bottom making it safe. 

At Commercial Gutter cleaners most of our customers are in North Kent and South London, but we do find our commercial gutter cleaning service is requested further afield, we work for a number of property management companies, and they manage blocks of flats further into London of deeper into Kent. We are also happy to travel into Essex and Surrey.

It is best to communicate with us by email or text 07791465052 or simply fill out the form below, make sure we have all your details please. 9 times out of 10 we can view your property on street view and satellite view on Google, drastically speeding up the quoting process.

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