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Nottingham Roof Cleaners, West Bridgford, The Park, Mapperley, ​Woodthorpe, Derby, Mansfield, Sutton in Ashfield, Kirkby in Ashfield, Hucknall, Alexandra Park, Cotgrave, Long Eaton, Beeston, Eastwood​, Rushcliffe has dropped because of the latest methods make it more affordable and more people are choosing to have theirs cleaned in Nottingham.

  • Removing moss reduces weight and prolongs the life of the roof
  • Biocide treatment stops moss returning for a few years
  • New technology allows for your roof to be cleaned safely

How we remove the moss from the roof

Nottingham roof cleaners use a roof scraper that was designed and manufactured by a roof cleaning professional, we have different scrapers for different shaped roof tiles, attached to a telescopic pole.

We drag all the moss down towards the gutter line and then bag it all up and remove. We make sure that the down pipes are closed so the moss and debris cannot block them up.  Call Nottingham roof cleaners on 07791 465052 or Text your full address to 07791465052 or use Whatsapp as you can send us pictures from every elevation.

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Biocide Roof Treatment for Roofs

We spray a biocide on the moss free roof and it immediately goes to work, killing all the spores, lichen, and any other organic growth on your roof, we do not rinse the solution as it will continue to work for many months. We also offer another treatment that will make your roof look like new, ask us when we come to provide a free no obligation quote.

How much does roof cleaning cost? Roof cleaning costs can vary depending on the area, size, accessibility and other factors

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How long will the cleaning of my roof take?

This depends on how large an area your roof is, how much moss has accumulated over the years, and what the acces is like, but generally it will take 1-3 days on average. We always make sure we leave the site clean and tidy and that you the customer are satisfied with our services. Roof cleaning and driveway cleaning Services in Nottingham & Mansfield

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I guess that’s one of your main questions how much does roof cleaning cost? Obviously the price will depend on how many square metres need to be carefully scraped and then treated with a biocide or bleach. Detached, semi detached or terraced? What area in the UK are you located/ 1, 2 or 3 floors? What is the pitch like? Good access all round, or not? will the operative need a cherry picker?This will depend upon the size of your roof and its condition; if moss build up is particularly bad for example, it will take longer to clean than a roof with light damage. In addition the length of time will depend upon the ease of access to the roof. If it can be cleaned from ground level by the use of extendable poles, it may be a faster job than if you have to go to the bother of using a cherry picker.

According to professional roof cleaning companies, it should take between 1 and 3 days to clean your roof and to clean up afterwards. 

One of the most time consuming aspects of cleaning a roof is the clean up operation afterwards. Not only will the mossy build up and algae need to be disposed of; cleaning a roof with biocide and bleach needs to be handled very carefully in order to avoid causing pollution. This is a dirty job that must be carried out properly so hiring a professional service is always a much easier option than attempting this yourself.

A professional roof cleaning service will carry out the job much faster than is possible by an individual, plus a professional service has all the right equipment to make the job fast and easy.

However one of the best advantages of calling in the professionals is that you don’t have to worry about the clean up operation afterwards. Here is a well written price guide to answer the question how much does roof cleaning cost? 

Why do you need to keep your roof clean?

The mold, mildew, algae. Lichen and moss need to be removed from your roof. Metal roofs can develop oxidation which also be removed. By cleaning your roof, you prolong its life and function. Often it can be the north and west sides of your roof that get less sun and heat, the shady sides causing soot, biomass and dirt build up this then affects the amount of heat the house or building absorbs. Email Nottingham roof cleaners

What is the best method to clean my roof?

A nice clean and efficient roof can be achieved using Sodium Percarbonate or bleach solution. Or other commercial cleaning products that maybe available on the market. Authorities like the national federation of roofing contractors NFRC or the ARMA in the US recommends using a 50/50 solution of Sodium Hypochlorite at 12.5% this is chiefly used as a swimming pool cleaner which can be purchased at certain farm outlets or even on buy sodium hypochlorite on Amazon. Mix it half and half with water, use your discretion of course and consult an expert if you chose to clean your own roof in this way. Heard of Zinc Sulphate? Research this and look at Zinc strips being installed at the peak of your roof to reduce regrowth.

There are numerous roof cleaning methods available. A professional service will offer you a range of options and be able to advise you on the best course of action for cleaning your roof. You may need to factor in the cost of hiring a cherry picker. Alternatively your roof cleaning service should be able to operate the roof cleaning process from ground level. It all depends on the size and the height of your property

Many professional roof cleaners use a range of roof scrapers – different shapes to suit different types of roofing tiles, and these are used to scrape off the moss, before disposing of it. This is the first step of roof cleaning and is a messy although effective process.

An alternative to scraping is to use a low pressure wash or steam clean. This can be operated from ground level by the use of extendable poles and does the same job as manually scraping the moss from the roof although it can be much messier especially if carried out in windy conditions.

Once the roof is scraped free from moss and lichen, the next step is to use a biocide. This kills off all organic growth on the roof and removes spores, lichen and algae that if left in place would quickly regrow. A professional service may also offer additional treatments such as a sealant which will protect your roof long into the future.

The bottom line is that although you can clean your roof yourself having your roof cleaned professionally is always easiest option.

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What tools do I need to clean my roof?

Why not purchase an electric roof sprayer that is normally used to spray crops, they will have a hardy pump that can tolerate bleach, this will kill any organic growth build up on your roof, like algae, bacteria, fungus, moss, mildew and so on. This method is called soft washing as opposed to using a high powered jet washer or pressure washer. Any pump with more than 100 psi can be harmful to the tiles. Different tips that attach to the low pressure lance can be used to reach the peak of your roof safely without having to climb up onto the roof, and another spray tip which produces a fan effect for the lower levels, and of course a good water source to rinse off the Sodium Hypochlorite mix. Email Nottingham roof cleaners

What results can I expect from my roof clean

Cleaning your roof improves the whole appearance of your property. Once your roof is free of moss and lichen it will instantly make your home look clean and tidy and in good condition.

In truth, the most important aspect of roof cleaning is usually cosmetic. After all we all spend time and money improving our homes but if you forget the condition of your roof it will ruin this good appearance.  Whether you are considering selling your property or just want to improve the overall look of your home, cleaning your roof certainly works.

In addition cleaning your roof does improves and extend its longevity. Moss and lichen can build up especially on areas of shade and this can have an impact on the amount of heat that your home can absorb. Failing to clean your roof can lead to damp so can have a serious impact on the comfort of your home as well as your heating bills.

Once your roof is cleaned and treated, it should look like new. Roof tiles will be bright and back to their original colour. Cleaning instantly revitalises the appearance of your home and whatever the age of your property you will be amazed by the finished effect.

Calling in the services of a professional roof cleaning company is a very simple way to improve your home.  But If you needed any more convincing  to have this essential home maintenance carried out,  just take a look at any  company’s professional portfolio and check out the before and after pictures

results of roof cleaning

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